College Transfer Programs

(Intended for college transfer)

Beginning Fall 2018, as a new college student working toward transfer and a bachelor’s degree at a four-year school, you will be required to take ACA-122 College Transfer Success in your first semester at GTCC.

This will benefit you in many ways:

  • You will save time and money!
  • You will hone your study and time management skills in your first semester.
  • You will avoid running out of financial aid before you finish your bachelor’s degree.
  • You will be introduced to college culture and resources early, before you might need them (such as tutoring and Titan Link).
  • You will identify what courses you need to take to transfer most efficiently with junior standing in your major.
  • You will learn about North Carolina’s Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and your transfer and education rights.
  • You will avoid taking courses that won’t transfer.
  • You will avoid having to take additional prerequisite courses after you transfer.
  • You will be positioned for acceptance to competitive programs.

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Transferring from GTCC

Students are responsible for determining the requirements of the institution and program to which they plan to transfer.

GTCC strongly encourages students to complete their program at GTCC before transferring to another institution. Students who transfer before earning an associate’s degree will need to meet the UNC system’s minimum admission requirements established for all high school graduates. Students who did not meet these requirements in high school and do not earn an associate’s degree must meet the following requirements before they are eligible to transfer:

  • Two general education social/behavioral science college transfer courses
  • Two general education English college transfer courses (ENG 111 & ENG 112)
  • Two general education lab science college transfer courses
  • Two general education mathematics college transfer courses

General education college transfer courses are indicated in the charts in Associate in Arts, AA – College Transfer – General Studies and in the Course Descriptions. Descriptions for appropriate courses include the phrase: This course has been approved for transfer under the CAA as a general education course in….

Students who wish to transfer should contact the Admissions office of the institution they would like to attend as soon as possible. Communication with the university enables students to select the most appropriate courses for their program of study and transition smoothly to the university. Students are encouraged to inquire about foreign language requirements needed for their bachelor’s degree program.

University admission application deadlines vary. Students must meet the application deadline for the university to which they plan to transfer. Admission criteria vary, and admission is competitive to majors and professional schools. Only courses in which the student has earned a C or higher will transfer.

Transferring to GTCC

GTCC accepts credits earned in academic programs from colleges and universities accredited by one of the following regional Associations of Colleges and Schools – Middle States, North Central, New England, Northwest, Southern, or Western.

As part of the application process, students should submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.  Military and veteran students should also submit their Joint Service Transcript and/or Community College of the Air Force Transcript.  Enrollment Services will determine the appropriate course equivalency for transfer credits. Credits will be evaluated on a course by course basis. If there is a question about the equivalence of a course being considered for transfer, Enrollment Services may require that the student supplies additional documents such as a college catalog, course syllabus, or textbook list in order to determine whether credit should be awarded.

Students must have earned a grade of C or higher to receive transfer credit. Some transfer courses may require departmental approval before being accepted toward a program. If the department chair requires an exam to validate transfer credit, an exam grade of at least a C is required. Transfer GPA is not calculated or brought into the GTCC record but is counted in the financial aid GPA calculation.

Transfer credit from international colleges is awarded on a case-by-case basis and may require department chair validation. Students are advised to submit their record of courses to an agency recognized by NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluating Services) for an international evaluation.

Students should send official international transcript evaluations to:

Guilford Technical Community College
Admissions Office
P.O. Box 309
Jamestown, NC 27282

To receive a degree from GTCC, the student must earn at GTCC one-fourth of the required hours in the degree program and one-third of the major course work applicable to graduation. Some programs may have time limits for transfer of certain courses.

Associate in Arts, AA

General Studies

Associate in Arts - AA
Fine Arts in Theatre

Associate in Fine Arts in Theatre, AFA

Associate in Engineering, AE

General Studies

Associate in Engineering-AE

Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts, AFA

 Associate in Science, AS

General Studies

Associate in Science-AS

Associate in Science (Engineering), NC A&T State University

Associate in Fine Arts

in Music, AFA

Music transfer program